Major Actions and Achievements

Based on the contributions by its member organizations working on the ground and the cooperation with progressive experts and lawyers offering professional support, KWAU has always been at the front line of the movements to enhance women's human rights in Korea through women related laws and policy reforms, and public campaigns. Furthermore, KWAU is the NGO which has played a critical role in establishing the basic framework for the governmental polices on women, including the creation of the Ministry of Gender Equality and the adoption of a gender-responsive budget. 

  • Enactment of Act on the Punishment of Sexual Assault Crimes and Protection of Victims thereof(1993)
  • Enactment of Prevention of Domestic Violence and Victim Protection Act(1997) / Special Act for the Punishment of Domestic Violence(1997)
  • Enactment of Act on the Punishment of Sex Trafficking and Procurement Crimes(2005) / Prevention and Protection of Victims of Sex Trafficking and Procurement Crimes Act(2005)
  • Enactment and Revision of Equal Employment Act(1989, 1995, 2001~ ) : Equal Pay for Equal Work, Protection of Maternity Leave for 90 days, Expanding Child-care Leave and also Socialization of Child-care Leave Expenses
  • Enactment and Revision of Child-care Act(1990 ans 2003) : Strengthening of Social Responsibilities and Increase of the Government's Budget for Child care
  • Establishing and Expanding of 'de facto' Policy on Work-Family Reconciliation and Public Child-care Facilities
  • Abolition of Discrimination against Non-regular Women Workers
  • Actions to Prevent Feminization of Poverty : Enactment of Single Parent Support Act and Economic Self-reliance
  • Job Creation for Women
  • Campaign for the Adoption of Affirmative Actions for the Women's Political participation : 30% of Quota for Women in Election District, 50% of quota for Women in Proportional Representation
  • 100 Women to National Assembly Campaign(2004) : Increased Proportion of Women in National Assembly from 5.9% to 13%
  • Campaign for the Establishing of Ministry of Gender Equality and Introducing for the Gender Responsive Budget and Gender Impact Analysis Systems
  • Revision of Family Law(1989) : Equal Inheritance Rights of Family Property
  • Abolition of Patriarchal Family Surname System(1999~2005)
  • Establishment of Equal Rights of Differently Abled Women and Immigrant Women
  • Anti-War and Peace in Korean Peninsula
  • Expanding grass-roots women's movements
  • Solidarity with civil and people's movement for the livelihoods, democracy and peace